Lets Dine At Raglan Road!

Slainte! Or should I say Cheers? Allow me to introduce you to one of the best places I have eaten in Disney Springs, maybe even the entirety of Disney World itself, Raglan Road. This Irish Pub and Restaurant will intoxicate your tastebuds and keep you wanting more. From the food, to the atmosphere, Raglan Road is the place to be. 

The first time we stumbled upon Raglan Road, we were actually waiting on line at Gideon’s Bakehouse right across the way. It was later in the night, and boy were we exhausted, but there was this music coming from this restaurant so we did some investigating. 

If you are unfamiliar with Raglan Road, the entire restaurant is quite large and consists of an outside eating area, an indoor eating area, as well as a shop too! The theming within the restaurant works around a Dublin atmosphere, and captures the best flavors of Ireland. And that – while it may be hard to believe – is not even the best part. 

Raglan Road also entertains you during your meal by bringing you traditional Irish performances. Varying from folk singers to Irish step dancers, this adds such an amazing component to the meal. Usually during dinner time, they have these Irish performers come in, and put on a show for the whole restaurant. At the front of the restaurant there is a large, well-lit stage, and a little ways from that in the center of the room is a small stage, more akin to a pedestal where you can see further performances. While there are certain tables that have a better view, everyone can still enjoy the music, and spot glimpses of dancing no matter where they are seated. 

Our first time eating there, we had no clue that such entertainment existed, but WOW were we surprised when we saw the dancers start up. We were sitting further back in the restaurant, off to the side, and we didn’t have the best view of the dancing – but the group of dancers happened to bud off into small duos and they came right by our table and performed a small routine! 

The second time we dined at Raglan Road, we had a booth right in front of the center stage. But we were also very close to the front stage too, so we had a great view of all the entertainment. First, the folk singers came out on the main stage and sang a few traditional Irish songs. Just as we were finishing up our meal, the Irish step dancers came out and began their dancing – so of course we had to stay! There was one dancer on the smaller, center stage right in front of us, and the rest of the group was at the forefront of the original stage. Their performance as a whole was incredible! I mean it truly was a masterpiece, and I loved watching every second of it. 

No matter where you sit, inside or outside, you will enjoy some sort of live entertainment; a chance to watch a show unfold while you eat. 

But enough about the entertainment; now onto the food! 

The first time I sat down to eat at Raglan Road, I was so excited. That dinner did not miss a beat, with everything we were served being mouth watering good, and don’t even get me started on the fish and chips (more on that later). 

The initial appetizer brought to the table was your classic little bread basket. It was a warm, fresh bowl of Irish soda bread, paired perfectly with a Guinness Vinaigrette Reduction. When I tell you I could’ve eaten TEN of those bread baskets, I am not exaggerating. The bread was so soft and practically melted in your mouth. The vinaigrette was not overbearing at all, and I actually called the waiter back over to the table because I had to know what I was dipping that bread in. 

Come time to order our own appetizers, we split the the Bacon and Cabbage Egg Roll, which unfortunately is no longer on the menu. (I hope it makes a comeback to Raglan Road because it was delicious!) A new take on the classic egg roll, this dish was so moist, and had amazing flavors. If they ever bring it back, I definitely recommend giving it a try!

As for our entrees, my sister and I went with your classic Fish and Chips. But, when I tell you that each bite literally dissolves in your mouth! The fish is so soft; cooked to perfection,, and the crispy outside shell is so buttery and delicious. The fries were the perfect size and width, and each bite was harmonious in the crispy to soggy fry ratio. We actually got this dish both times we have eaten at Raglan Road because we adore it so much. Magical Mom went another route and got the Bangers and Mash. I had the honor of getting a little try of this dish and all around the flavors were great! 

Once you conclude your meal at Raglan Road, you will walk out with your bellies full, your tastebuds pleasantly satisfied, and it will leave you wanting more. The whole dining experience will exceed your expectations. Which is why it is my absolute favorite place to eat in Disney Springs.

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