The Top 5 Items to Have in your Park Bag

Now, I don’t know about you, but in Disney you need to be prepared for all outcomes. You never know what you may be encountering in your park day whether it be two hours, six hours, or eighteen hours. You can never be too prepared! 

That being said, we always carry around our Disney themed park bags which have everything you need during your Disney day. In this list, we will explain everything you will need for a practically perfect park day in every way! 


No matter what Disney park you are in, or what the temperature is, you are going to need water. It’s long days, with long lines, and as amazing as it is – hydration is a must. We always have one water per person in our family, but we also bring an extra on those super hot days. It is important to have water on hand when thirst arises.

I also want to mention that you can absolutely buy water from dozens of locations in the park – there is cold bottled water at almost every turn! You can also request free ice water from any quick service stand in Disney World. They do give it to you in an open cup, so sometimes its more lukewarm than cold, but still a way to the water! If you have a reusable water bottle (or even reuse a plastic bottle – save the world!) you can pour the water into the bottle. 

*Also please note that the cast members are not allowed to just take your water bottle and fill it up, they have to give it to you in a cup. But you can request as many as you want! 


This list is more catered towards Disney World, because that is what we are pros at! Florida’s weather is so hit or miss, that you absolutely want to have some sort of ponchos/umbrella/raincoat situation so that you are prepared for any sort of weather! You never want to be caught in the middle of rain, in a spot where you cannot find any sort of coverage from the storm! 

You can buy ponchos from anywhere, especially in Florida, but if you want the Disney park ones, check out any gift shop and they will have a bunch! 

If you are a virgin poncho user, be careful! They are very delicate and can easily be ripped and torn if you pull too much or yank it too hard. It’s only soft plastic! They are durable when they are taken care of, and they fold up really small which is perfect to store in your disney bag! 


At this point you might be wondering how we could possibly fit anything else in this park bag, but trust me you can! Now we are not bringing our big, chunky, fluffy sweatshirts. It’s Florida after all! Instead, bring a light sweater that folds up nice so, if it gets chilly in the night, you aren’t shivering in your short sleeve crop top! We sometimes make cute personalized sweatshirts, other times we just have light jackets. 


Let me say, whether you are a content creator or not your phone battery WILL DIE! I cannot stress it enough, you must always have a portable charger on you, especially the wire too because I have had one too many instances where I finally remember the portable charger but forget the wire to actually do the charging. From waiting in long lines, to trying to mobile order food, to capturing that perfect photo, you want to know you will have a backup charging method so you aren’t trapped on the monorail with no idea where you are going! 


The “littles” are little things that can stow away in your bag in the hard to reach corners, but still should be on hand at ALL TIMES! For us the littles include: lip balm, tissues, and gum (or mints!). You never know when you’ll need to treat a chapped lip, runny nose, or even some bad breath after that shrimp scampi poutine. Having these “littles” on hand always keeps my mind more at ease in the parks!


The Florida Sun can be HOT. I always have sunscreen on hand in Disney because you never know what the Sun is going to be like in those especially hot months! Always reapply because that UV index is high and we don’t have time to be run down by a sunburn! 

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